Virence Health Centricity Customer and Product Education  

Welcome to the Centricity Customer and Product Education Web site.

NOTICE: We are in the process of migrating the content of this site to the Customer Portal at If you do not have a log in profile to the Customer Portal, please follow the instructions below to create one. Once you have created your Customer Portal profile, you will find the Education section by clicking on the blue Education button in the middle of the web page.

  1. Go to and click REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT.
  2. Please complete the following form fields:
    1. First name, last name
    2. Email address
    3. Country (Be sure to choose United States to avoid a delay in registration)
    4. Zip code
    5. Telephone
    6. Customer Site/Facility (Do not abbreviate your company name or leave this blank as it will delay registration)
    7. Asset #, Client Code, System/Site ID (Or, you may use your site shortname if you know it)
    8. Products (Be sure to pick at least one product appropriate for your organization, or there will be a delay in registration)
  3. After completing the form fields, click the REGISTER button. You will receive an activation email approximately 24-48 hours later with instructions for logging in. You will have the opportunity to set a password when you log in the first time. Going forward, your username will be the email address you chose when registering. If you have any questions, or difficulty completing registration and need further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 888-436-8491.

This site will continue to be available until the migration is complete. Click here to continue.

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